Sean Melton the Ohio State University standout was named the 2018 Nissen-Emery Award winner. The award, which is college gymnastics ’Heisman Trophy, is presented annually to that year’s outstanding senior gymnast.

“Ohio State has produced some of the greatest gymnasts, not only in Ohio State but also U.S. history. Blaine Wilson, Raj Bhasvar, Kip Simons, Jamie Natalie, the list goes on and on. To be put in that group makes me speechless because I grew up watching Blaine Wilson, Raj and looking up to them. Now that people compare me to them, I am so grateful of it all.  It has truly an amazing experience that I have had during my five years at Ohio State” says Melton“I could not have done it without all the alumni support, all my coaches and teammates, my family. I was speechless when I received the award. We had great nominees and I felt like every single one of us deserved it.”

Melton, a nine-time All-American and seven-time Big Ten champion has turned pro and is currently in the hunt for a 2020 Olympic team spot. Melton joins Colin Van Wicklen, Marvin Kimble, Michael Reid, and Kanji Oyama who are also represented by GymCrew Talent Management. Signing Sean Melton is a special milestone for talent manager Kerry Adderly also a Ohio State alumni and Big Ten champion.

“Sean Melton has a smooth and calculated approach to his gymnastics. He is a very strong and powerful gymnast with clean lines” says talent manager Kerry Adderly.

Career Highlights

*2018 NCAA Nissen-Emery Award Winner (Gymnastics Heisman Trophy)
*9-Time NCAA All-American (Ohio State)
*7-Time Big Ten Champion
*2018 Winter Cup still rings champion
*2017 NCAA team and still rings silver medalist and high bar bronze medalist
*2017 Winter Cup high bar bronze medalist

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